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Interested in Resource Movement? Want to get involved? Stay connected?

Please take a minute to fill out the form below. It will help us connect you to our work and keep you up to date on events, resources, and opportunities across the country! Please note that ALL information submitted in this form is confidential and will only be seen by Resource Movement's chapter leadership teams.

This form includes a bunch of questions about your identities and experiences.  They are optional!  We're asking them in case you'd like us to take those things into account when matching you with a Support Buddy.
Want more info on RM's Support Buddy program?  Click here.

(If you run into any problems with the form, please email info[at] Thanks!)

General Information (required)

Get Involved (optional)

If you think you might like to get involved in our work, please add whatever additional info feels comfortable below, and an existing RM member will reach out to you for a 1-on-1 chat!

My - or my family’s - access to wealth puts me in roughly the following percentile of the Canadian economy*:

*Lots of people who are in the top 20% or higher economically believe that we’re “middle class”, because we compare ourselves to people who have more than us.  In answering this question, we encourage you to use these income percentile and wealth percentile calculators to find out where you and your family fit (and if that feels overwhelming, you can definitely just guess for now).

We match new RM participants with “support buddies” to help them think through how to make the most of their involvement with this network.  If matched with a support buddy, would you rather be matched with someone who shares any of the following identities with you (check all that feel important, and make sure you shared your own info in the questions above for any boxes that you check - we can't guarantee a perfect match, but we'll do our best):



   Sexual orientation

   Racial identity

   Access to wealth

Resource Movement has four key areas of programming, described in the "What We Do" section of this website.  Which of these activities would you like to learn more about (check as many as you like)?

Learning & Education

Supporting Movements

Social Justice Philanthropy

Tax Justice

Additional comments (optional)

Thanks so much for getting in touch!!

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