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RM Welcomes 3 Summer Staff!

This summer, RM is thrilled to welcome three summer staff, Amy Wong, Josh Lamers, and Tim Law! The three staff bring diverse experience to their roles, including activism related to black liberation, disability, climate justice, queerness and more! The three staff will support the coordination of the summer member gathering, develop a ‘new member zine’ and an RM organizer’s handbook, and develop new curriculum and resources, with a particular focus on the historical roots of colonization and slavery.

Learn more about the staff below!

Image of three staff, from left to right: Amy Wong, Josh Lamers, and Tim Law

Amy Wong: Member Gathering Coordinator

Hello! I'm Amy, born and raised in Tkaronto in the Dish with One Spoon Territory. As a descendant of Chinese indentured labourers, I recognize the importance of nuanced, inclusive dialogue surrounding settler colonialism, decolonization, and allyship. I am passionate in my learning about arts-based healing, intersectional feminism, social movements, and race and power relations.

I am thrilled to be co-organizing the Member Gathering this summer with an amazing team at Resource Movement that shares similar passions and values, and am particular heartened to find out that folks who are willing to challenge the very systems that give them power and privilege do in fact exist. When not plotting against the kyriarchy, you can catch me climbing rocks, making family-sized bags of chips disappear, and convincing stray cats to love me.

Contact Amy at:

Josh Lamers: Research & Education Coordinator

Josh Lamers is completing his Master of Social Work at Ryerson University and moving onto Law School at the University of Saskatchewan in the Fall. His work focuses on youth and young peoples along the intersections of Blackness, Disability, Child Welfare, and Queer/Trans* identity. Josh works in community in several capacities, and some of these roles incorporate poetry as a form of creative exploration around identity, self, and oppression/resistance.

Josh is a co-founder of the Black Liberation Collective-Ryerson, a group of Black students addressing anti-Black racism within post-secondary institutions, and is also co-founder of the Collective of Child Welfare Survivors—a group addressing the state of child welfare. Josh is hired this summer for the Research and Education Coordinator role, which will focus on making resources to understand class, capital, and capitalism with a particular focus on its historical roots in colonization and slavery.​

Tim Law: Member Engagement Coordinator

My name is Tim, and I am really excited to be working at Resource Movement this summer! My activism was first inspired by the climate change crisis. While working in the environmental industry, I started to become frustrated with the narrow focus; how social issues were often being ignored. After a brief stint working for the government, I decided to get involved with RM.

I was drawn to RM's focus on disrupting the system and collaborative approach to organizing. As the member engagement and communications coordinator, I'm super excited to get to know the members that help to make up RM. I'm looking forward to hearing your stories that led you to RM and how we can encourage others to tell their stories. We're also working on a zine that we're hoping to have ready by the end of this summer (fingers crossed)! I'm hoping to learn a lot about everyone and RM this summer and tackling the millennial fear of making phone calls!

Contact Tim at:

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