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Learning & Education

Learning & Education

We host workshops, conferences, book clubs and discussions, educating young people with wealth and class privilege about the roots of inequality, and building the capacity of our members to take action in redistributing wealth, land and power.



In Montreal and Toronto, we regularly host workshops and discussions, engaging critically with topics such as wealth inequality, tax justice, decolonization, arts and social justice, and more.

At least biannually in cities with active chapters, we host praxis, a workshop series that provides space for young people with wealth and/or class privilege to learn and share knowledge about class privilege and the historical roots of inequality, and to set personal goals for change and redistribution. Since 2015, over 100 young people have participated in praxis. Get involved

Member Gathering

Annually, Resource Movement members host a national gathering, bringing together members from across the country to build capacity, review organizational direction and priorities, share knowledge, develop relationships, have fun (!) and deepen our collective and individual commitment to the distribution of wealth, land and power. 


This year, the Member Gathering will be hosted in Montreal in August.

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In our learning and education programming we’re grateful to leverage resources developed by Resource Generation, social justice movement allies, and researchers. We are also grateful to the many Resource Movement members who have contributed hundreds of hours to build resources that support our re-education. Find more resources.

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