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How We Work

We are living in a time of extreme wealth inequality. We believe that young people with access to wealth and class privilege have an important role to play in the redistribution of wealth, land and power.


Specifically, we support our members to: 

  • move resources to organizations led by working class and poor communities and people of colour fighting for economic and racial justice

  • change the perspectives of individuals and institutions that hold power, both by using our voices, and by creating space for the voices of working class and poor allies 


We are a community for young people with wealth and class privilege looking for:

  • Inspiration for new ways to be involved in the fight for social and economic justice 

  • Practical advice for how to leverage our wealth and class privilege 

  • A community of progressive peers, willing to challenge one another as we engage in re-education about systems of inequality

  • Ongoing accountability and support from class-privileged peers and social justice movement allies alike 

Our Role

Our Values

  • Directly Affected - We believe those most affected by a social force (e.g. colonialism, poverty, racism) are best suited to design and implement solutions to those forces. In our work, we will take leadership from the most affected communities.

  • Facing History - We know that the history of wealth inequality is deeply linked to racism and colonialism. We believe that we need to face history, educate ourselves, and understand these forces, in order to work towards an equitable world. While many issues we face are uniquely Canadian, our work is anchored in global systems.

  • Collective Transformation - We believe that every person, community and organization can transform. We grow from mistakes, and feedback can help us learn about perspectives we can’t see. Working for social justice is healing. It is both urgent, and long-term. Sometimes, it takes deep, messy and slow work before things get better.

  • Inclusivity - Those who come under the umbrella of “young people with wealth and class privilege” have vastly different stories — as do our allies in this work. In parallel, each person has many kinds of resources in their life that they can use to build a more equitable world. We strive to be inclusive of young people with varied experiences of access to wealth and class privilege.

  • Young People - We believe that people ages 18-40 with wealth or class privilege can play a unique role in addressing inequality. Learning from people who have come before us, we believe that we can use resources to build a better world for future generations.

  • Responsibility - Our vision for justice requires us to be in responsible relationships with poor and working class communities, Indigenous communities, people of colour, disabled communities, queer and trans communities, and communities of people who are undocumented or lack citizenship. We know we do this imperfectly and are always seeking to grow, learn, and earn trust - without requiring trust as a condition for our solidarity. We are committed to receiving critical feedback with openness, appreciation, and responsiveness.

  • Sustainable Prosperity - We believe that it is possible for everyone to prosper without exploiting people or the planet. Our communities are interconnected so inequities affect us all. We believe that relationships protect us, not materials, so we all benefit from transforming communities by reversing wealth inequality.

  • Transparency - We respect that members of our community have varying levels of comfort with being public about class privilege and access to wealth. We encourage Resource Movement members to be transparent about their access in all parts of their lives, while respecting that this is a personal decision.

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