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Supporting Movements

Supporting Movements

We support the work of grassroots social movements by moving money and other resources in response to both urgent and ongoing needs, and by showing up for social movements in their struggles for equity and justice.

Moving Money

Rapid Response List

Resource Movement operates an opt-in email list, the Rapid Response Support List, which connects list recipients with time-sensitive asks for support from social justice organizers and members of marginalized communities. The list was launched in December 2017. As of 2023, the list has approximately 350 members, who have moved over $550,000 in response to requests for support.


Requests shared with the Rapid Response Support List members focus on addressing systemic change; centering the leadership of people impacted by the injustices they are fighting; and building power within marginalized communities.

Ways to get involved:

  • Give Support: Join the Rapid Response Support List to be connected with requests for support. This is an open, opt-in email list open to people of all class experiences. Requests go out 1-2 times per week. You may unsubscribe at any time. Get more details and sign up

  • Request Support: Learn more about the Rapid Response Support List and request support. Check out this page with answers to frequent questions about the list.


This list is an ongoing and evolving experiment and we welcome feedback from anyone who has been involved with this list in any way!

Strategic Fundraising Campaigns

RAVEN Campaigns

Since launch in 2015, Resource Movement has engaged in two urgent fundraising campaigns in collaboration with RAVEN, an organization that fundraises to support Indigenous nations in their legal battles to maintain and regain territorial sovereignty.


  • In Winter 2018/19, a group of Resource Movement members fundraised $28,000 to support the Beaver Lake Cree Nation in taking the Federal Government and the Province of Alberta to court, to fight the government’s approval of tar sands projects on Beaver Lake Cree territory.

  • In winter 2019/20, another group of RM members have fundraised $13,000 to support several Indigenous nations in resisting the Trans Mountain pipeline. 


COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fundraising Campaign

In spring 2020, 30+ Resource Movement members fundraised their networks in support of 15+ grassroots COVID-19 mutual aid initiatives. The campaign raised $130,000 -- funds that provided direct support to individuals who have been economically impacted by the virus, including: migrant workers, sex workers, Black folks, disabled folks, houseless folks, and others. 

Urgent fundraising campaigns are established based on the capacity of Resource Movement members and are built on members’ relationships with social movements.

Ongoing Support

Groundswell Fund

Giving Circle.png

Resource Movement members have participated in two 'Giving Circles' to raise funds for the  Groundswell Fund, a community-based funder of grassroots social movements.In 2018/19, a six-member circle raised $65,000, and in 2019/20, an 11-member circle raised over $100,000. 

In each instance, the three-month Giving Circles supported members to strengthen their fundraising and donor organizing skills, learn about local social justice movement organizations, and raise money from members of their communities. 


The funds raised through this Giving Circle supported Groundswell in providing grants to local social movement organizations. The initiatives selected to receive support are led by and for communities experiencing the effects of systemic oppression. Over 50% of projects selected by Groundswell for support are led by Black and/or Indigenous organizers.

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