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Social Justice Philanthropy

Since 2017, Resource Movement members have been engaged in efforts to transform philanthropy in Canada, in collaboration with other progressive allies.  


We advocate collectively for systemic change in philanthropy, pushing for redistribution and equitable access to resources. Specifically, we advocate for funders to adopt the principles and practices of social justice philanthropy


Social justice philanthropy is an approach to giving that focuses on using wealth and power to tackle the root causes of colonial, social, racial, economic and environmental injustice. In social justice philanthropy, individuals who are most impacted by systemic oppression are the leaders and decision-makers, deciding where money goes. 


Resource Movement’s efforts to encourage the adoption of social justice philanthropy include, alongside our allies, have included: 

  • Hosting workshops and panel discussions about social justice philanthropy at philanthropic conferences, such as the Philanthropic Foundations of Canada conference in 2018

  • Promoting the practice of social justice philanthropy with our members, including through praxis workshops, giving circles and fundraising campaigns

  • Hosting private workshops with philanthropic institutions about social justice philanthropy


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