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Member Gathering

Annually, we host a national gathering, bringing together members (and brand new participants!) from across the country for skill-building, strategizing, networking and action.  In 2023, we're gathering in Montréal from September 8-10!

Resource Movement's National Member Gathering: September 8-10 2023, Montreal, Quebec.  Image of a wallet with money flying out towards icons of some of the things Resource Movement works towards: Better Taxes, Moving Wealth, Decolonizing Canada, etc

What's this all about?

Whether you’re just learning about our work for the first time or you’ve been organizing with Resource Movement for years already, this event will offer a powerful space for all of us to learn, grow, and share. 

The Member Gathering will feature: 

  • Panel discussions featuring grassroots movement leaders

  • Workshops to build key knowledge and skills for supporting social movements as a person with class privilege

  • Strategy sessions, to shape RM's priorities for the coming year(s)

  • Identity-based caucuses (e.g. BIPOC, sick/disabled) to reflect and look forward on RM’s work within our communities

  • Collective care: lots of breaks, long lunches, chill spaces, childcare, active listeners, etc

  • FOOD and FUN!  Delicious meals, abundant snacks, art, singing, and more!

Come connect with like-minded folks for deep exploration of the forces shaping wealth inequality in Canada, reflect on where we fit within struggles for liberation, build skills and knowledge for taking action, and set priorities for RM’s collective next steps. It’s gonna be beautiful, messy, loving, challenging, powerful, and FUN!

Schedule Overview (view full schedule here!)

Friday Sept 8

Saturday Sept 9


  • Welcome dinner, social hangs, zine-making and other chill activities


  • Breakfast


  • Trainings, strategy sessions, health breaks, creative activities, delicious food and snacks, etc


  • Closing plenary: panel with social justice leaders reflecting on the power (and the pitfalls) of building cross-class movements 

Sunday Sept 10


  • Breakfast


  • MORE trainings, strategy sessions, health breaks, creative activities, snacks, etc


  • Closing lunch


  • Dinner!  Art!  Karaoke!

Who Should Attend? 

  • Do you identify as a young person (18-40) with access to class privilege and/or wealth*?

  • Are you committed to working towards a more just and equitable society?

  • Do you want to do this work collectively with other young people with wealth / class privilege, anchored in relationships to grassroots social movements?

  • Are you eager to spend less energy hiding / feeling paralyzed by your privilege, and more energy leveraging it for economic, racial, and social justice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this gathering is for you!

A photo of participants at Resource Movement's first national member gathering, in 2018
A photo of participants from Resource Movement's second national member gathering, in 2019
A button that says "REGISTER NOW!"



We want this event to be as accessible as possible for everyone in our community!  Here's an overview of the current measures we'll be taking to meet participants' access needs (and we'd love to hear from you with ideas for ways we can do better!):

  • We're organizing carpools and homestays to reduce costs for out-of-town participants, and making financial support available to anyone for whom those costs would be a barrier to attending

  • All activities will take place in spaces that are: wheelchair-accessible, scent-free, air-conditioned/well ventilated

  • COVID protocol: participants must wear masks (which we'll have available) during all indoor sessions
  • We're planning 15-minute breaks between all sessions, and offering two designated chill rooms (one quiet, one silent) for people to use at any time
  • Childcare will be available, and children will be welcome in most sessions (with sessions that aren't child-friendly clearly indicated on the agenda)
  • Simultaneous interpretation (English/French) will be available in all sessions
  • Active listeners will be available for 1-on-1 debriefs/support chats at all times
  • Dietary needs taken into account for all meals and snacks

We'd love to hear from you with ideas for ways we can do better!  Please reach out to with any suggestions, or share them in the designated portion of the registration form.

*Lots of people who are in the top 20% or higher economically believe that we’re “middle class”, because we compare ourselves to people who have more than us.  In answering this question, we encourage you to use these income percentile and wealth percentile calculators to find out where you and your family fit (and if that feels overwhelming, you can definitely just guess for now).

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