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Join the Resource Movement Team!

Rich kids say: racial justice demands economic justice!

Resource Movement is searching for applicants for our first staff positions: two Regional Organizers, one based in Toronto and the other in Montreal. These are the two sites of Resource Movement’s existing chapters and members. Regional Organizers will be responsible for supporting the development of Resource Movement’s launch.

Photo credit: Resource Generation


Resource Movement Regional Organizer

September 25 (approx.) - December 15, 2017

Part-Time, 12 hours / week $40.00 / hour

From Canada’s big cities to its remote land, waters, and rural communities, Tides Canada provides uncommon solutions for the common good. Tides' mission is to help Canadians secure a healthy environment in ways that promote social equity and economic prosperity. To tackle the complex environmental and social problems that we face in Canada today, Tides Canada provides strategy, expertise, and tools to ensure changemakers can get from vision to impact.

Position Overview

Resource Movement, a project on the Tides Canada shared platform, has a vision for a world where wealth and power are shared, and Indigenous land rights are respected. A world where all communities can tell their own stories, live well, and shape their own future. Our mission is to bring together young people with wealth and class privilege to become leaders working towards the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power. We work in solidarity with front-line movements and organizers, and mobilize young people with access to wealth and their allies through Chapters in cities across Canada. To date, Resource Movement has been a volunteer-led organization. We are inspired by a similar, chapter-based organization in the United States, called Resource Generation.

Resource Movement is hiring our first staff positions: two Regional Organizers, one based in Toronto and the other in Montreal. These are the two sites of Resource Movement’s existing chapters and members. Regional Organizers will be responsible for supporting the development of Resource Movement’s launch. They will gather the feedback we need from constituents and social movement advisors to build out our membership and Chapter structure, develop a Canadian-specific social justice curriculum, and establish our first strategic plan and goals for the year ahead. The regional organizers will report to Resource Movement’s Interim Volunteer Steering Committee. This is an opportunity to help shape an emerging national project with ambitious goals for accelerating social justice organizing in Canada.

Location: One role will be based in Toronto; One role will be based in Montreal

Contract duration: September 25 (approx.) - December 15, 2017

Working hours: 12 hours per week, flexible scheduling

Compensation: $40.00/hour, plus $40/week for self-employed work costs

Key Responsibility Areas

1) Organize a series of regional base-building/consultation events:

  • One event in October 2017 for local Resource Movement members and constituents

  • One event in November 2017 for local social justice movement leaders

  • One event in November 2017 for local Resource Movement chapter members and prospective social movement advisors

2) Coordinate the development of components of Resource Movement’s political education curriculum

  • Synthesize relevant input from all three events

  • Collaborate with other Regional Organizer and the Interim Volunteer Steering Committee to develop Resource Movement curriculum and content (e.g. workshop agendas, facilitator guides, etc.)

3) Develop recommendations for national organizing strategy:

  • Synthesize relevant input from all three events

  • Collaborate with other Regional Organizer and Interim Volunteer Steering Committee to develop recommendations for national organizing: strategic priorities, team structure, social movement accountability systems, national retreat planning

Desired Qualifications

Skills & Experience

  • Strong facilitation experience (2+ years of experience desired)

  • Workshop design experience and event management experience (experience designing, coordinating, and managing small events) (2-3 years experience desired)

  • Network building / stakeholder engagement (2-3 years experience desired)

  • Curriculum design / program design (1-2 years experience desired)

  • Strategic planning (1-2 years experience desired)

  • Report writing (2-3 years experience desired)

  • Strong administrative skills (including comfort using Google Drive)

  • Strong written communication skills

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills

  • For Montreal: English/French bilingualism

Characteristics & Attributes

  • Familiarity with social justice movements, organizations, and organizers (particularly in Toronto/Montreal, according to the location of the position being applied for)

  • High level of comfort discussing class, wealth, and economic inequity; understanding of historical roots of acquisition of land, wealth and power

  • Personal drive to support the redistribution of resources toward historically oppressed/ marginalized communities

  • Strong grounding in an anti-oppressive framework

  • We’re committed to having a cross-class team; candidates with poor, low-income, and working class backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply

Working Conditions

  • If applying for Toronto position, candidate must be based in/around Toronto. If applying for Montreal position, must be based in/around Montreal.

  • Regional Organizers will participate in frequent meetings over phone and Skype to maintain close contact with members of the Interim Volunteer Steering Committee.

  • Regional Organizers will be responsible for arranging their own working conditions for the duration of the contract and using their own phone and computer. A stipend of $40/week per position will be provided (in addition to the posted hourly wage) to offset these costs.

How to Apply

Send us your resume and a 1-page cover letter that includes your responses to the following questions:

  1. Are you applying for the role in Toronto or Montreal?

  2. How do you relate to Resource Movement’s mission and vision?

  3. What interests you most about this position?

  4. How would your skills and experiences (personal and professional) translate into success in this position?

  5. How did you hear about this position? (optional - will help us evaluate our outreach efforts)

Please send your resume and cover letter to Bronwyn Oatley and Jon McPhedran Waitzer at by 9am on August 31, 2017. If you have questions about the role, please feel free to reach out to Resource Movement using the address provided above.

We are hoping to conduct interviews September 6-15th. If you will not be available for some or all of that time period, please mention this in your cover letter. The ideal start date for this role is September 25th.

Employment Equity

We believe in the need for experience, knowledge, and guidance from marginalized and oppressed peoples within any progressively oriented organization. People with disabilities, women, Indigenous peoples, members of racialized groups and members of other historically marginalized communities are encouraged to apply. If you would like to be considered for employment equity please indicate this on your covering letter by including the statement “I would like to be considered for employment equity.” No further elaboration is necessary, but you are free to add more information if you would like. Where candidates don’t differ significantly in terms of other desired qualifications, priority will be given to those being considered for employment equity.

For more information about Resource Movement and Tides Canada, please visit:

As Resource Movement is on Tides Canada’s Shared Platform, the selected candidate will be an employee of Tides Canada.

Tides Canada is strongly committed to creating a diverse workplace environment and

we welcome and encourage applications from the communities we serve.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Tides Canada will provide accommodation during all steps of the hiring process, upon request, to applicants with disabilities. Please advise us if you need any accommodation.

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