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Join the Steering Committee!

Resource Movement has changed a lot since we first started – and so should our Steering Committee! With major thanks to those who have helped to shape and inspire this incredible work, we’re looking for 3 new steering committee members! Email Molly to get involved!

What is the Steering Committee? The Steering Committee is a volunteer body of Resource Movement members who have helped to shape the national structure, direction and activities of Resource Movement. They meet on a monthly basis to outline and carry out priorities according to our current working groups:

  • Governance

  • Internal Base Building

  • Social Movement Support

  • Philanthropic Advocacy

  • Communications

  • Fundraising

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

What does it mean to be a Steering Committee member?

  • Being on the Steering Committee is a great opportunity to get more involved in the strategy of the organization, in social justice philanthropy, in our social movement relationships, and build some professional and personal development along the way.

  • We are a volunteer working committee. We each put in about 5-20 hours per month to support the organization, and each participate on at least one working group.

How can I learn more and explore getting involved?

Reach out to Molly, or any of the other members of the current Steering Committee to express your interest. From there, we'll invite you to join in on our next open Steering Committee call on Tuesday October 9th 7:00-9:00pm EST so you can get a feel for it!

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